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26.2, the Clover Coffee Inspired by Running and Seeing Georgia.

Put a kick in your step and a glide in your stride with a cup of 26.2. For years I have strapped on running shoes and joined friends at the start line for racing and the finish line for celebrating. Good coffee (like running) conjures up thoughts of friends. This coffee is pairing two of … Continue reading

Making a Perfect Cup of Coffee

By: Bo Ryles, a man who has consumed enough coffee to fill Lake Sinclair After a bag of Clover Coffee arrives in the mail and you have stored it properly, you areready to move beyond simply smelling those beans. You are ready for the perfect cup of coffee. Like anything tied to our sensory organs-opinion … Continue reading

Storing Coffee

The most important first step is to only buy whole bean coffee. No storage of ground coffee can equal the job a coffee bean’s shell does in keeping flavor, freshness, and aroma locked in. Secondly, try to buy the amount of coffee you will consume in two weeks. At our home that is about three … Continue reading

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