Put a kick in your step and a glide in your stride with a cup of 26.2. For years I have strapped on running shoes and joined friends at the start line for racing and the finish line for celebrating. Good coffee (like running) conjures up thoughts of friends. This coffee is pairing two of my favorite pastimes – coffee drinking and running. The 26.2 is a nice blend of incredibly aromatic top quality beans from two regions of the world – Africa and Indonesia.

The Java Blawan Estate, located near the Ijen volcano area, has a unique soil for producing wonderful coffee beans. This Indonesian coffee is a smooth coffee with a dark feel yet it has no bitterness. Add African Ethiopian Harrar beans grown in one of the highest areas of the continent for a deliciously aromatic full-bodied coffee. Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder observing his goats running after they ate coffea arabica berries.

“Although this coffee’s heritage comes from a land known for good coffee and exceptional runners, drinking 26.2 will not make you faster, run farther, nor take a top seed in international competitions. You will, however, have a good story to tell when I see you at the finish line and stay awake for the ride home.”

Clover Coffee is the official coffee of “The Georgia Runner” and the favorite of many will be 26.2. Don’t even think of asking for decaf in this one. If you don’t understand the name 26.2, ask a runner and be prepared to hear a story that involves a wall.

Bo Ryles / 12/2011